What Types of Manufactured Homes are There?

There are as many shapes and styles of manufactured homes as there are ‘site built’ homes. The MAIN difference is that each section of a manufactured home has to be capable of being delivered from the factory to your home site. This constraint is regulated by Provincial Governments, as the home must be safely transported on public roadways.

The structure is also regulated by local, provincial and federal building codes, as is all other construction.  These codes ensure your home is built to an acceptable standard, and to give comfort to those institutions that are financing, insuring, and providing a warranty on your home that it is safe, durable and well- constructed.

In the manufactured home family of products, modular homes or multi section homes are constructed in more than one unit, and are fitted together on your building site. The various modules may or may not need a crane to lift the structure off the truck’s flat bed, depending on the site conditions.  These homes may be one or more stories, and may be built to cover a large footprint once the various sections are fitted together on your site.

Once the home is ‘set’, it will require inter-modular connection of plumbing and electrical systems. It may also require the installation of interior stairs leading to the basement or upper levels.  In these cases, some thought and budgeting should be included for the floor covering of these stairs, in addition to wall enclosure, railing and any other finishing touches.

Then the gyproc and flooring is finished where the sections connect, in addition to the exterior finishing touches such as peaks and decorative siding. Once a modular home is finished on site, its’ appearance is just like that of site built construction.  The benefit of having it constructed inside the factories controlled environment may not show up for some time in the quality of the home’s construction, such as less warping of lumber, squarer corners and better angles, or just a more professionally built ‘feel’, not to mention energy savings.

Mini homes or single section homes are constructed as one single unit and delivered with one truck. Again, it must be built to accommodate highway regulations and all building codes. These home models require less on site work and typically include setup on a surface mount foundation (but can also be placed on a frost wall, piers, or a full basement), all completed by trained tradespersons who will ensure the home is level and well grounded.

Electrical and plumbing hook ups will also be required. Additional items would be the same as for any other type of construction, such as landscaping, steps, and whatever else your heart desires and pocketbook wants and can afford.

Today’s modern manufactured homes have evolved into shining stars in the housing industry because of innovations and standardization of building codes, in addition to the passion of all providers to prove they are worthy of serious consideration by all home buyers.  There are no limits to what can be done to make your new manufactured home unique to your needs and budget; it just takes thought and imagination.

If you are interested in further exploring the manufactured housing option to fill your dream of home ownership, and want to have confidence that you will be living in a home you can comfortably afford, and it fits your life style today, and tomorrow, I welcome your enquiries. We will share our expertise and knowledge with you in a relaxed and professional setting.