About Kent Homes

The customer is the most important part of the business.
The Irving family of businesses began in 1881 with a sawmill in the family’s hometown of Bouctouche, New Brunswick. In the mid-1900s, K.C. Irving visited the logging camps and wasn’t happy with the quality of his workers living condition. He wanted his workers to have the best possible accommodations, so he took it upon himself to provide them with comfortable, quality, on-site homes. This improvement increased the morale and productivity of the workers. A visiting health inspector even said the lumber camp shelters were the best he had seen in the country.

The constant evolution of said vision has guided us from our foundation where we created accommodations for the logging workers into selling these camps to others. From there we branched out into crafting mobile and usable office space, and when large projects like the Mactaquac Dam called for many houses in a short period, we morphed into the Kent Homes of today. We have become Atlantic Canada’s largest modular builder with an active fleet of rentals and an average production of both commercial complexes, and 300+ homes annually. We are a trusted builder of customized, modular homes serving rural, remote and urban centres throughout Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, and Maine, US.

K.C. Irving’s passion for uncompromising quality rings as true today as it did then. Kent Homes buildings are assembled in a state-of-the-art plant to meet our strict quality-control measures. Building in this setting means construction of the unit isn’t rushed or impacted by poor weather. With our dedicated team, we are able to deliver the products quickly, and on budget. Kent Homes’s commitment to green building practices lightens our footprint on the planet and means there is less waste and more recycling.

Kent Homes, a division of J.D. Irving Limited is located in beautiful Bouctouche NB. We have a 150,000 square feet of space dedicated to building beautifully designed, well crafted, energy efficient homes and buildings year round. It was in Bouctouche that K.C. Irving started his first garage and service station with the simple philosophy of, “The customer is the most important part of the business.” This philosophy has become a staple in how Kent operates to this day.

From our humble beginnings, we are still driven by K.C. Irving’s vision today.

Today we sell the bulk of our homes through a network of Kent Homes Certified Dream Builders, who make it easy for each individual customer to plan, customize, and watch the progress of their new home.

Each Kent Home is designed and built to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our modular approach ensures 100% quality assurance, tight control over costs, timing and materials. Which translates into a guaranteed price and no surprises – a commitment we honour every time.

Kent Homes offers the most energy efficient line of homes manufactured in Atlantic Canada and was the first company in Nova Scotia to deliver an Energy Star home. Our award-winning sustainable approach to building makes our homes more resource efficient and environmentally friendly, and healthy.

Kent Homes is a proud member of the J.D. Irving, Limited group of companies, a family-owned corporation for more than 130 years, committed to uncompromising quality and customer service, as well as the sustainability of our land, water and air.