Kent Homes Experience

Step 1. Browse –Your dream starts here. Explore the plans on this site and discover more about the KH experience. Take a 3D tour and you’ll feel what it’s like to walk in and move around. When you are ready to find out more, contact or visit your nearest Kent Homes Certified Dream Builder.

Step 2 – Visit – Drop by your nearest Kent Homes Centre. See our showcase homes, meet our team, explore customization options and learn more about the advantages of the Kent Homes process. Not sure where you’re going to build? We can help you find the property too.

Step 3 – Select – You’ve decided to move ahead. You’re ready to select the home you want. Your Certified Dream Builder will customize your plan to suit your individual tastes and meet your specific needs. Our design consultant can help you choose options and colours. Together, we will ensure your home meets your wish list and your budget. And we visit your site ensure it’s the best plan and positioning.

Step 4 – Purchase – You’re excited to start your home build. It’s time to sign and make your initial deposit. Your Sales Agreement is finalized and we guarantee your new home price with no cost overruns and no surprises. We’ll establish the timelines and begin the build. Your dream is about to become a reality.

Step 5 – Factory Tour – See how your home is built.  We invite you to join us as a special guest and experience the excitement of seeing your home build in progress.  You’ll learn more about every aspect of your Kent Home and be able to ask questions along the way. It’s also a chance for you to see our dedicated team of experienced, skilled craftspeople in action.

Step 6 – Building Site Prep – Time to break ground.  Your lot has been surveyed and cleared, your permit has been approved and it’s time to get the foundation ready. Our Turnkey Service manages your well, septic, driveway and landscaping, acting on your behalf as project manager.

Step 7 – Delivery Day – Your home arrives. It’s a big day in the journey. You can now see your new home set in place. You will want to be there for its arrival – it’s always impressive to watch it as it is laid on its foundation. For safety reasons, it’s not yet time to step inside. You will be given a date for Walkthrough Day as your Certified Dream Builder begins the Finish Work.

Step 8 – Finish Work – Getting everything in place. This is when we’re hard at work taking care of the final construction, appliances, electrical and plumbing and ensuring we’ve checked off everything on your wish list. You’re in the final stretch before you get to inspect your new home.

Step 9 – Walkthrough Day – Your first step inside. Today, you walk through your front door of your new home with your builder or project manager by your side. It’s an exciting day to see how it has all come together and an important day to note any problems or adjustments that need to be made. We will go through a checklist and review the warranties with you.

Step 10 – Final Touches  – The countdown to getting your keys.We’re busy taking care of any outstanding items and preparing to hand you your keys. We provide the final details for your financing and lawyers so everything will be ready for your closing date and move-in day.

Step 11 – Move in Day – Your dream home come true. It’s always a memorable day, one that we make every effort to ensure is everything you dreamed it would be. On “Closing” your final balance is due, and we come with you for your complete new home evaluation. We’ll review all the features of your Kent Home, plus leave you with a Homeowner’s Manual and warranties on workmanship and structure.

Step 12 – Master Care – We’re here to support you. Together, Kent Homes and your Certified Dream Builder stand by our work and warranties. We will schedule follow-ups with you to ensure all is well and you are enjoying life in your new Kent Home.